9 Typical Things Non-Vegans Say

1. “I am not addicted I just enjoy eating meat”

It is not meat actually that you are eating. But animal flesh, animal muscle, which is very similar to our own. Secondly, you are addicted to animal flesh, you are addicted to animal saturated fat and you are addicted to cholesterol and you are addicted to sugar and salt. Cutting down on it will not kill you but test your addiction.

2. “You think that quitting animal products will change something?

Most vegans, before going vegan, were laughing at vegetarians and vegans for thinking that they could change the world through such a small gesture. Animal product has always been a dominant part of our eating habits and always will be. Unless a movement, a compassionate one at that, comes along and shakes norms around, by challenging science, morality, ethics and health. But yes, it does change something, let’s put numbers into perspectives:

  • It saves 15,000 Liters of water for every Kilogram of cow flesh you avoid
  • It avoids the production of carbon dioxide (CO2). An average car produces 3 kg/day of CO2 and producing beef for one hamburger produces 75 kg of CO2. Eating 1 kg of cow flesh does the same damage as driving your car for 6 weeks.
  • 80% of the Amazon deforestation is carried out for animal agriculture.
  • Cows and sheep are responsible for 37% of the total methane release in the atmosphere = 23 times as warming as the CO2 generated by human activity. 

The list goes on, it makes a difference, more of a difference than recycling, taking short showers, cycling to be clean etc., but by all means keep eating animals, you are a huge animal lover after all.

3. “But where do I get my protein though?”

Where do you think a cow or a gorilla gets all of its protein from? Animal flesh perhaps? You will get enough protein and you can get more than enough in seeds, nuts, tofu and even most legumes. It is a question of eating properly. 

4. “I am a huge animal lover”

Yeah… only for dogs, cats and other animals you call pets.


5. “It is the circle of life, it has to be done”

Is it really though? Is going to the supermarket or the butcher the circle of life? I will leave you with this cartoon:

6. “But ancestors though?”

This remark is one of the most frustrating. Your ancestors have been eating animal products for a long time indeed. And eating cooked carbs and fats did contribute to the growth of the brain. In our current days it does not mean it is right nor justifiable. It only means that the poor dietary choices made, were based upon misinformation and food scarcity. Do not be fooled, your ancestors did not eat as much animal product as the west currently does. Animal flesh was a luxury for royalty.

7. “It is the way it has always been done”

So if killing animals by the millions is justifiable, why is rape not justifiable? Why is the killing of atheists not justifiable in our modern society? Why is killing millions of Jews despicable? I will give you a hint: ethics and morals tend to come into play.

8. “What about our canines?”

Gorillas have huge canines, do you see them eating meat? Hippos too, do they eat meat? No they grind on grass all day. Unlike real predators and hunters humans are designed to eat fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables. We have small mouths, flat teeth, and a weak biting power. When animal flesh is uncooked, our teeth are incapable of chewing it like real carnivorous predators (tigers, lions, wolves, alligators etc.). We are nothing like these predators, we use tools and our intellect to achieve what we want. On top of that, no one in the western world actually hunts for their food anymore. Supermarkets have become the new hunting grounds


9. “I only eat animals that had a good life (free range) a.k.a. humanly killed”

Now making an effort to distance yourself from the mass farming practices is a very good step already, so it is to be endorsed.

However, the animal still dies for your convenience. Imagine raising a child, who turns into an adult and then after raising him when he/she is of age you kill him/her. How terrible, immoral and despicable is that? You have made a living sentient being into your property for one purpose only, its death and its flesh, muscles, tendons, blood, fat etc.

You cannot kill humanly, that is the bottom line.


Cruelty free food for thought 🙂



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