The Truth About How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In our modern western world, we are told to recycle, cycle, walk, use the public transport and limit the usage of gas powered vehicles in order to protect our environment. As you all know, the release of carbon dioxide in the air is trapped due to the green house effect and warms up the earth’s atmosphere. And I care for this world, I think everyone does and everyone should. the future of our species is at the fate of our decisions

Here is a list of what you can do to reduce you carbon footprint:

  1. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Keep this habit and attempt to have your employer recycle as well.
  2. Buy second-hand items.
  3. Use the public transport as much as possible. Shared rides are a lot more efficient than singular ones.
  4. Cycle if possible. Encourage your municipalities to build adequate, safe and dedicated cycling lanes.
  5. If you need a car for commuting, purchase/lease a hybrid or electric one and keep the size of the car to small.
  6. Take short showers to save water.

Carrying out these simple tasks have now become a habit for most people of metropolitan cities and in turn have helped reducing their carbon footprint.

A great step towards a better world

However there is an area of the industry, that is often ignored and tends to be pushed under the rug. Around 15% of gas emissions contributing to global warming come from the animal agriculture industry. Raising cattle has become a tremendous strain on our climate but many environmentalists in politics (green parties) do not dare to talk about it, due to the stigma associated with vegetarians, vegans and animal-rights activists.

The truth is that cattle of cows and sheep release too much methane, and methane is four times more potent than carbon dioxide. In retrospect, these two animal industries are responsible for 37% of the total amount of methane released in the atmosphere, hence twenty-three times as warming as the carbon dioxide generated by human activity.

The truth is that water is wasted at a ridiculous rate in order to feed these animals. For example, fifteen thousand liters of water are wasted for every kilogram of beef. Water is becoming a precious resource that will become scarce in the western world if not managed properly.

The truth is that animal agriculture is the main contributor to deforestation. As it is understandable that food must be grown, allocated and traded, 80% of deforestation of the Amazon rain-forest is carried out for animal agriculture, thus destroying the planet’s natural lungs as it were.

The truth is that we are all responsible of this planet and the survival of our species. The truth is that the planet will be just fine if we go extinct and the truth is that no one can stop global warming but us, the consumers; we need to add a new item to this this list:

7. Consume less beef. Consume more greens.

So long,

Sports Vegan.


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