An Interview with Niels Louwes about Veganism – Part 1

Today I finalised my very first video about veganism on my YouTube Channel: Sports Vegan. Check it out if you are interested: An Introduction to Veganism Interview #1 – Niels Louwes Visit Niels’ blog by pressing on his image at the bottom of this post. Press on the YouTube logo to watch the video. 




Q.1: Sports Vegan: “Who are you and what do you do?”

A1. Niels Louwes:I am Niels Louwes, I am 28. I live in Amsterdam, I am working at Nike as a Risk Analyst. In my free time I am currently really into writing, I write short stories, I run a blog. Yeah, it is all about creativity right now for me.

Q2. SV: “What do you know about Veganism?” 

A2. Niels Louwes: “I have very little experience in what it means, I know some people
that are vegans, like yourself, So I don’t have a very good answer for that question.”

Q3. SV: “Do you know the difference between Veganism and Vegetarianism?”

A3. Niels Louwes: “I don’t think I really know the difference but I know that Veganism is a step beyond vegeterianism, so that’s even more clean eating. But I’m not exactly sure what exactly the types of differences exactly are, but I just know it is cleaner and better, but I just know it is cleaner and better than vegetarians.” 

Q4. SV: “What comes to mind when you hear Veganism?”

A4. Niels Louwes: Those videos on YouTube of like animals being just slaughtered
in a really gruesome way.”

Q5. SV: “What do you think of Vegans?”

A5. Niels Louwes: “People that really care about the environment and the world
basically, and they show that through their habits, their eating habits mainly.”

Q6. SV: “How is the environment related to Veganism?”

A6. Niels Louwes: “I think the environment is related to Veganism because of the
way we traditionally farm animals is bad for the environment. I think that Vegans aim to not influence the environment in a negative way through clean eating.”  

Q7. SV: “Would you ever consider going vegan?” 

A7. Niels Louwes: “If I was guided by someone and that person made me stick to
it and I really saw the reasons behind it then I would consider it.

Q8. SV: “Would you research the topic by yourself?”

A8. Niels Louwes: “No, I don’t think I would be inclined to research it on my own. I don’t have a push or a drive to look into it.

Q9. SV: “What about sports?”

A9. Niels Louwes: “I know there is a famous body builder who is a vegan bodybuilder and he is one of the only ones in that industry as a pro bodybuilder, I don’t know his name, but he is doing quiet well actually as a vegan bodybuilder.

Q10. SV: “What about you, what do you believe?”

A10. Niels Louwes: “I think, for me personally for fitness, I need a lot of protein and the best source of protein is meat. Or not the, … well that is not the best you could argue, but the easiest to cook, the cheapest, and I guess the tastiest is meat. And that is why I eat it, for fitness purposes.

Q11. SV: “Is is ethical to eat animals?”

A11. Niels Louwes:There is an issue for me with the word ethical and animals, as I think ethics is something only humans think about or even know what it is. So the whole ethical argument for me is not something I even think about. I don’t think that animals are on this planet to worry about what ethics mean.

Q12. SV: “ Put Yourself in the shoes of a cow for example, would you still want to be killed and eaten?”

A12. Niels Louwes: “Um that’s a difficult one. Then you would not ever worry about it. The cow does not know anything. It just knows I need to eat, sleep, defecate and breed, that it’s whole programming. It does not have any capacity to think like; Oh, I am being shoved into a corner with 17 other cows and 20 square meters, I don’t think it has the capacity to think that way.

Q13. SV: “Do animals feel pain?”

A13. Niels Louwes: “They definitely feel pain but they can’t process it. They know it is something unpleasant and it sends them into fight or flight, just like us humans but the can’t process like we can or talk about it, write about it, they have not clue what that means to them. Yes they do not want to die, just as we don’t wanna die, but the do not know anything beyond that.

To be continued…watch the full interview here:

An introduction to Veganism Interview #1 — Niels Louwes

What do you think of his answers so far? Do they make sense? Is it logical and consistent?

So Long,

Sports Vegan.

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