An Interview with Niels Louwes about Veganism – Part 2

Three days ago, I finalised my very first video about veganism on my YouTube Channel: Sports Vegan. Check it out if you are interested: An Introduction to Veganism Interview #1 – Niels Louwes. Visit Niels’ blog by pressing on his image at the bottom of this post. Press on the YouTube logo to watch the video. 




Q14. Sports Vegan: “Pigs are as smart if not, smarter than dogs, why do we eat one and love the other?

A14. Niels Louwes: “I think that’s a historical thing that we just never visited again. I think if we had to do it all again, from the start, maybe would have been our pets and dogs would have been eaten. I also think humans generally get is wrong many times and then we change course, it just happened this way that dogs and cats are pets and pigs are for eating.

Q15. SV: “What are the advantages of eating meat?”

A15. Niels Louwes: Nothing to be honest with you. For me it is purely something I have always done, and a typical meal consists of meat, potatoes and vegetable. It’s just a habit and I don’t think it has any advantage over not eating meat.” 

Q16. SV: “If none then why eat it?”

A16. Niels Louwes: Personally for me, I eat a lot of meat, like I said before, for protein purposes and yes I can eat protein shakes, but that gets boring real fast so for me it is simply a source of that I like consuming.

Q17. SV: “Is it right to eat animals just for taste pleasure?”

A. 17. Niels Louwes:I mostly eat to get all the nutrients I need on a daily basis, so I don’t even eat meat because it has a nice taste, it’s just one of the nutrients I need daily, but in the occasion that I go to a restaurant on the weekends I really enjoy a good piece of meat and then I suppose then yes it is my enjoyment. 

Q18. SV: “So is it right to eat animals for enjoyment?”

A18. Niels Louwes: “This is a very hard question. If I go back to animals not even knowing really anything, I think it is fine if I eat them, because I am on top of the food chain. I don’t do it often, but when I do I think it’s fine, yeah.

Q19. SV: “Why are we on top of the food chain?”

A19. Niels Louwes: We are the only animal that can process thoughts and feelings before actually feeling them. You might argue dolphins or like there’s a few other few really intelligent beings, but they are not at the level of intelligence that humans are. We’re simply the only one that evolved to the next level and all the other animals didn’t.

Q20. SV: “And does that justify killing and eating them?”

A20. Niels Louwes: “That doesn’t justify it no, that doesn’t.

Q21. SV: “So is it wrong to eat animal products?”

A21. Niels Louwes: “No.

Q22. SV: “Why not?”

A22. Niels Louwes: “Because we are on top of the food chain, we decide what is wrong and right and we’ve decided that eating different types of meat is something we do and it’s always been done and it is a normal thing.” 

Q23. SV: “So because it has always been done it is right?”

A23. Niels Louwes: “My point is as well, I think that if you’re a religious person, you believe that god put everyone on planet for a reason and then you would believe that most animals were put on this planet to provide us with food. And that’s my reasoning even though I’m not religious.” 

Q24. SV: “Are we carnivore, herbivores or omnivores?”

A24. Niels Louwes: “I think we started out as herbivores. We started mostly eating plants, vegetables, yeah.” 

Q25. SV: “Has eating meat made us smarter?”

A25. Niels Louwes: “I think there is zero correlation between eating meat and becoming smart.” 

Q26. SV: “How will eating look like in 50 to 100 from now?”

A26. Niels Louwes: “I think 50 or 100 years down the line, it’s gonna happen anyways. I think the way we’re eating meat now is bad and it’s not efficient it isn’t smart or sustainable. I think in the future we will develop some alternative type of food where, to the point where we won’t even need to enjoy it, its all about nutrients anyways. I think all of this will then disappear, aka. the current way we eat.

Q27. SV: “Our ancestors are meat thus I eat meat. Is that a valid argument?”

A27. “Niels Louwes: “No, because out ancestors did a lot of bad things that were really stupid. Mass murdering, cannibalism, I don’t have any more examples at the moment.”    

Q28. SV: “As highly intelligent mammals, isn’t it morally correct to reduce the amount of death and suffering?”

A28. Niels Louwes: “Oh yeah, I completely agree with that. Yeah… I mean the problem is that we’re moving at such paces and we’re becoming so greedy, we have more money now to spend than ever, fast food is really cheap, its never gonna stop, and it must grow because it is capitalism. I think it is out greedy nature to keep consuming more anymore because we can, and we can afford it now, more than ever. So I think there is a much bigger underlying problem of just our greed and capitalistic nature.” 

Q29. SV: “What about animal rights?”

A29. Niels Louwes: “I don’t wanna keep saying the same argument about how we are higher beings and all that stuff, but basically the animals don’t know that their rights are being violated because they don’t know what rights are. They can’t start a group of people that are going to riot like we did it for rights, because they don’t know what they are and that’s the natural chain of the jungle basically.

Q30. SV: “Will animal rights be a thing of the future?”

A30. Niels Louwes: “I think animals may gain more rights in the future but slowly. I don’t think we’ll get to a point where they’re gonna make significant against this capitalistic greedy movement, it’s such a big thing, that is going to stop real progress.” 

Q31. SV: “Talking about the future and global warming, would going vegan help?”

A31. Niels Louwes: “Going vegan would definitely help. For example the example you gave about the Dutch government saying you should only eat meat once a week, I feel that that is a more realistic approach and already reducing because I don’t think that you can take a society that’s so meat based and just throw them into Veganism. You need like small stepping stones. So I think small stepping stones are the way forward and it with us not consuming so much, so reducing our ecological footstep and just not being so greedy.

Q32. SV: “Do you actively reduce your carbon footprint?”

A32. Niels Louwes: “I know what a carbon footprint is, but I must say that I’m not actively looking to reduce it, no. And if you asked me on what level it was, because there are numbers and comparison, I have no clue.

Q33. SV: “Is it a citizen’s duty to reduce his/her carbon footprint?”

A33. Niels Louwes: “Definitely, I think as an individual person, you should do everything not to be so greedy and just consume. This is also about consuming a lot of meat. I think consuming one or two pieces of meat is a realistic goal but if you’re eating meat twice a week every single day then, you are already being quite a greedy person and you’re increasing your footprint to sizes that are not sustainable.”

Q34. SV: “Would you consider reducing the amount of meat you consume or even go vegan?” 

A34. Niels Louwes: “For me it would have to start by reducing the amount of meat, because I currently consume a lot of meat simply because it’s easy, cheap, easy to make, for those reasons that I said earlier. It’s just that I am not informed, but I can take small steps definitely, I can see the benefit.”

Watch the full interview here:

An introduction to Veganism Interview #1 — Niels Louwes:


What do you think of his answers so far? Do they make sense? Is it logical and consistent?

Sports Vegan.



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