Vegans Are Annoying

Vegans are so annoying, they keep on shoving their beliefs down my throat

Yes, but at least they are not paying others to shove their knives down animals’ throats. 

Vegans are too extreme for me

I wonder what is more extreme, eating animals and fellow earthlings or eating plants and seeds that are not sentient (aka. that do not experience pain).

Vegans are all herb smoking liberal hippies

Meat-eaters are all self-centred conservatives who kill for taste pleasure. See how generalising does not get you anywhere?  

Vegans are hypocrites! Look at them buying computers and TV screens made in Asia somewhere, by child labour

Yes, but these materials are needed in order to function in our modern western world. Making a dietary choice is an easier and more realistic step than scrutinising the source of each and every component of a computer for example.

Vegans do not mind killing critters and insects for growing their crops it seems, and then they still claim to have the higher moral ground

Yes, critters and insects die in the millions at the hands of vegetable and legumes agriculture, but at least they are not contributing to the perpetual animal holocaust of the meat, fur, egg and dairy industry. 

Vegans are annoying, they should stop pointing out we are hypocrites, that is just plain rude


I could go on, I highly encourage non-vegans and vegetarians to think about your choices. It is not difficult to change. What is difficult though, is to recognise you are wrong, I understand that, I was in your situation previously.

You Always Have a Choice

Sports Vegan.

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