You Always Have a Choice


You Always Have a Choice


There comes a time in life when you are all grown up.

You are all alone, figuring things out.

You need discipline, you need to have a backbone, you need to stand up for what you want.

You need to stay sharp and critical.

Think for yourself.

Be daring and take risks.

Think about what you can achieve, with hard work and with training.


In the west we are stuck in our 9-5 jobs, coming straight out of university, sitting all day from the beginning until the end.

You may be stuck in traffic, in a packed tram or even in a bus. But one thing is for sure,

No-one enjoys staying inside all day, everyone needs fresh air.


Think of it this way, you are the best you can be at this particular moment, but you can only get better.


You have to move; do sports and have a steady healthy diet.

You have to keep your body going.

You must give it the fuel it needs.

And for that you need food.

But not any kind of food, you need healthy food. Greens, beans, seeds, leaves, starch and water. And it is your responsibility to get that healthy food. Not that processed shit. Not your employer or your canteen, you! Just You!


It is your responsibility to do research about healthy food.

There is so much out there.

There is so much knowledge.

It is your responsibility to think about your actions and the consequences of these actions.

Understand where your food comes from.

Understand that all decisions lead to some sort of suffering to other beings on this planet.

Understand that that nature and fresh air will not be around either if you do not look into what eating and purchasing habits contribute to.


And once that is understood

Limit consuming these products.

Limit being egoistic, but treat yourself sometimes if that is what you want.

Be open-minded, tackle the status-quo and most of all be logical.

Follow a logic that is flawless in your approach to life.

Only then can you call yourself a good person.

Find that Choice, that moral choice deep inside you and stick to it.


The bottom line is

You Always Have a Choice! It is a luxury not many people have.


Sports Vegan.

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