You Always Have a Choice

You Always Have a Choice   There comes a time in life when you are all grown up. You are all alone, figuring things out. You need discipline, you need to have a backbone, you need to stand up for what you want. You need to stay sharp and critical. Think for yourself. Be daring... Continue Reading →

Vegans Are Annoying

"Vegans are so annoying, they keep on shoving their beliefs down my throat" Yes, but at least they are not paying others to shove their knives down animals' throats.  "Vegans are too extreme for me" I wonder what is more extreme, eating animals and fellow earthlings or eating plants and seeds that are not sentient (aka.... Continue Reading →

Radicalised Vegans are A Problem

When looking at politics, extreme views over migrants, refugees, women, foreign policies, abortion and other difficult and very complex topics, you will find very polarised opinions. Each political view within the spectrum tends to have an extreme approach. Nothing is different with Veganism. Veganism may be a compassionate at its core, but in its essence appears to be... Continue Reading →

To Animals, All People Are Nazis

On this day, the 5th of May, in The Netherlands we are celebrating "Liberation Day". Flags are half masted and we are reminded of the horrific events of the 20th century in Europe, at the hand of dictators in Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union. In the 21st century, we hope to never see these... Continue Reading →

8 Positive Aspects of Veganism

1. Flawless digestion system With the amount of fibre that you will be eating, your digestive system will be processing food much more easily. It will reduce the amount of gases and it will reflourish your good bacterial population in your stomach. Be warned, going vegan in the first months will have a negative effect... Continue Reading →

9 Typical Things Non-Vegans Say

1. "I am not addicted I just enjoy eating meat" It is not meat actually that you are eating. But animal flesh, animal muscle, which is very similar to our own. Secondly, you are addicted to animal flesh, you are addicted to animal saturated fat and you are addicted to cholesterol and you are addicted... Continue Reading →

Veganism – The Hated Lifestyle

There are many negative connotations to Veganism. The negative connotations are for the most part based upon the pre-conceived ideas that vegans are annoying little brats. Some are, it is true. Some refer to veganism as a religious cult. It is true to a certain extent. How can one convince an omnivore about veganism and... Continue Reading →

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