Vegans Are Annoying

"Vegans are so annoying, they keep on shoving their beliefs down my throat" Yes, but at least they are not paying others to shove their knives down animals' throats.  "Vegans are too extreme for me" I wonder what is more extreme, eating animals and fellow earthlings or eating plants and seeds that are not sentient (aka.... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Why We Eat Flesh

Eating meat has been an ongoing tradition of the human kind for over 10,000 years. Our ancestors ate meat to sustain themselves and as a result eating meat has become a normalised cultural norm. We see this pattern in all civilisations and different races among the board. But now take a second to think about this;... Continue Reading →

How Good is Vegan Fast-Food?

Would the key to veganism lie in food and what it tastes like? Many would suppose so and speculate that it is all a question of taste. The question is, are our taste buds registering flavours, where some are more delicious than others.? Or is it a question of adding loads of fat and sugar to... Continue Reading →

8 Positive Aspects of Veganism

1. Flawless digestion system With the amount of fibre that you will be eating, your digestive system will be processing food much more easily. It will reduce the amount of gases and it will reflourish your good bacterial population in your stomach. Be warned, going vegan in the first months will have a negative effect... Continue Reading →

9 Typical Things Non-Vegans Say

1. "I am not addicted I just enjoy eating meat" It is not meat actually that you are eating. But animal flesh, animal muscle, which is very similar to our own. Secondly, you are addicted to animal flesh, you are addicted to animal saturated fat and you are addicted to cholesterol and you are addicted... Continue Reading →

Veganism – The Hated Lifestyle

There are many negative connotations to Veganism. The negative connotations are for the most part based upon the pre-conceived ideas that vegans are annoying little brats. Some are, it is true. Some refer to veganism as a religious cult. It is true to a certain extent. How can one convince an omnivore about veganism and... Continue Reading →

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